Monday, May 08, 2006


My experience Books

Plz put your suggestions and comments about books written by me. All of my books are freely available and you can download it from yahoo group-booksbybibin. I am aiming these books mainly for newbies to robotics,parallel port interfacing and avr microcontrollers.
Here are my books

hi bibin.this is Pulkit here..
I had a talk to you when i was with satish in IITB.
however all i can say is that..i had faced 1000s of problems regarding the avr thingy however ur tips and expirences amde life so mch more easier..
i feel more confident abt the thing
thanks a lot mate..
hai bibin,

this is vigneshwaran from chennai. i am here with a AVR consultant. I found your site through some groups. Your book is really usefull.yours is a good job.

I am reading ur book.
Hola Bibin
sorry for my inglish
thank you very mutch for you work
this one help to leurn more about avr
muchas gracias amigo
bibin, your books might be good, but please dont bomb our forums with info about them.
One forum-part I visited had the eight newest threads answered by you stating that The problem posted is solved in your books.
I understand that you like to earn money from selling your books, but advertising in our foeums without paying is theft.
Hey buddy ... read ur books .. some excellent prac material ...
dear great,
i can't down any case of ur listed ebooks, just i wanna know do u really put them there ??????
nice work ...god bless u
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Cute, very cute... Thanks man!

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See you tomorrow!
Excellent work

exellent books, me from u r same land ernakulam,if u can help further pls send be line follower project (using an atmega8) :
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
i can't download the book 'MY EXPERIENCE IN AUTONOMOUS ROBOTICS'. please send me the pdf version to if you can .
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hi bibin
thanks this is really awsome
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